Mental Capacity Ltd – two months on

It’s now almost two months since Nicky and I launched our new business venture, Mental Capacity Ltd, offering training and support for professionals working in the field of mental capacity.

Mental Capacity Ltd: Supporting capacity

It certainly been an interesting few months that’s for sure. In the last two months we’ve managed to:

And this is only just the start!

We’re now just starting to build up leads and our focus now is on converting leads into business. Meanwhile, we will continue writing blogs and taking steps to build up our professional profile. This includes online social networking as well as real ‘in person’ networking at related events.

To have a look at what we’ve been up to, do take a look at our website and associated blogs. It’s been a lot of hard work – and all while we have both been working full time jobs with additional consultancy work as well. Do be sure to check us out on LinkedIn. We’d also be super grateful if you could leave a positive review for us on Google, Bing and/or Yell as this makes a big difference to our online visibility.


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