Lancaster University Websites

College websites: Phase 1

Between 2017-2019, I was employed to manage several major projects to migrate college websites into new web templates built in the University’s Content Management System (CMS), Terminal Four. This started with a single project to work on the new Graduate College website. Once word of my good work spread, I was soon contacted by other College Managers and Principals to see if I might work on other projects including Bowland College, Pendle College, Lonsdale CollegeGrizedale College and Cartmel College.

  • New Pendle College website
  • Grizedale College new website
  • New Lonsdale College website launched August 2018
  • New Cartmel College website, launched December 2018
  • Example facilities page from Cartmel website, December 2018
  • Graduate College at Lancaster University
  • New Bowland College website, launched September 2017

College websites: Phase 2

In 2020, I was approached to carry out a second phase of work across all nine of Lancaster’s college websites, giving particular focus to the eight undergraduate colleges, to improve the consistency of the layout across the sites, and add in new web elements that were not available to me back when I built the first website in 2017. This project involved liaising with all of the different College Managers, members of the Web Team, and several Principals. These new, updated websites were published in June 2020, and have received excellent feedback from all of the stakeholders involved.

  • Cartmel College - Alumni page
  • County College - Alumni page
  • County College - College Space page
  • Bowland College - SCR page
  • Furness College - Homepage
  • Fylde College - Facilities page
  • Grizedale College - Prospective Students page
  • Fylde College - Our Community page
  • Lonsdale College - Current Students page
  • Pendle College - Prospective Students page

Other websites

Aside from the nine colleges at Lancaster, I have also produced websites for the Chaplaincy Centre, the Institute for Curriculum Enhancement, and Educational Development.

  • Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre website, October 2018
  • Lancaster University website: Educational Development, Jan 2020


In early 2020, I started work to create a monthly newsletter for the Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Centre (LIRA). This took some negotiation with the Marketing department to allow us to make use of the University’s newsletter platform, while also working closely with the LIRA project administrator to source content and produce the news letter in a regular and timely fashion.

LIRA newsletter, February 2020