Lancaster University Websites

College websites

During my time at Lancaster University I have undertaken several major projects to migrate websites into new web templates built in the University’s Content Management System (CMS), Terminal Four. This started with a single project to work on the new Graduate College which was published in 2017. Once word of my good work spread, I was soon contacted by other College Managers and Principals to see if I might work on other projects. As of December 2018 I have built new websites for six of the nine colleges at Lancaster, including: Bowland College, Pendle College, Lonsdale CollegeGrizedale College and Cartmel College.

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Chaplaincy Centre

In October 2018 I completed work to migrate the Chaplaincy Centre’s website into the new web templates, working closely with various stakeholders from across the Centre.

Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre website, October 2018

Institute for Curriculum Enhancement

In March 2019 I completed a website for Lancaster University’s new Institute for Curriculum Enhancement (ICE).

Institute for Curriculum Enhancement

Educational Development

In 2019 I was employed to work on expanding the HR&OD, Educational Development website at Lancaster University. I have since been employed to take additional development work to further enhance the website and add multimedia content.

Lancaster University website: Educational Development, Jan 2020