Conferences and Workshops

M.J. Ryder research publications, June 2019

Academic Conferences

British Academy of Management MKE Teaching Practice Conference 2023, UCL (7 July 2023)

  • ‘Teaching mixed sized, split cohorts: a case study’

Association of Business Historians, Northumbria University (29 June–1 July 2023) 

  • ‘Vietnam and the gates of our world’

European Symposium on Sustainability in Business Education, Research and Practices, Liverpool John Moores University (23–24 February 2023)

  • ‘Using OODA loops to build sustainable practice into business education’

TEDx, Lancaster University (7th May 2022)

Embodying Fantastika, Lancaster University (8–10 August 2019)

  • ‘Building your digital profile’
  • ‘Conscripts from birth: war and soldiery in the grim darkness of the far future’

Current Research in Speculative Fiction, University of Liverpool (6 June 2019)

  • ‘Performance, Gender and the Trouble with Joi’

Human Technologies, Digital Humanities, University of Salford (10–11 October 2018)

  • ‘The gates of our world: Vietnam and the (re)birth of biopolitics’

After Fantastika, Lancaster University (6–7 July 2018) 

  • ‘Exclusions through time: Charlie Gordon and the biopolitical paradigm’

Current Research in Speculative Fiction, University of Liverpool (29 June 2018) 

  • ‘The Literature of Drones: Ethics and Remote Killing in Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game

The Human Body and World War II, University of Oxford (23–24 March 2018)

  • ‘War and the satire of the body: The Vol-Amp movement in Bernard Wolfe’s Limbo’

Exploring Identity: Between Being and Belonging, University of Liverpool (25–26 October 2017) 

  • ‘Digital Marketing for Academics’
  • ‘Artificial Identity: AI Subjectivity in the Far Future’

Iredell Law Conference, Lancaster University (7 July 2017) 

  • ‘Beyond the Horizon: Law, Exception and Conflict in Outer Space’

Current Research in Speculative Fiction, University of Liverpool (9 June 2017)

  • ‘“Future Soldiers”: the Soldier, the Citizen and the State’

Organising Committee

Intellectual Party, Lancaster University (29–30 June 2023)

Embodying Fantastika, Lancaster University (8–10 August 2019)

  • [Website no longer in use]

Postgraduate Research Conference, Lancaster University (12 May 2018)

Exploring Identity: Between Being and Belonging, University of Liverpool and FACT (25–26 October 2017)

Workshops and Symposia

Working with Students as Partners, University of Chester, 16 November 2023

  • Online event on how to collaborate with students as partners in HE.

Learning at Scale, Liverpool John Moores University, 13 September 2023

  • Symposium exploring the challenges of effective teaching and learning at scale, hosted together with The University of Sydney Business School.

Cyber Leadership Symposium, Lancaster University, 5 & 6 July 2022

  • Symposium exploring the complexities of being a cybersecurity leader in a hyper-connected, global business environment.

Narratives for Policy and Risk, University of Bristol, 25 September 2019

  • A one-day symposium exploring the value of narrative in collaborative and interdisciplinary anticipation and futures research. Co-organised and convened by DSTL, the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University, and the University of Bristol, this workshop brought together academic and government/practice stakeholders to explore explore assumptions, expectations and modes of communication between academic, policy and practice worlds.

Futures Thinking in UK Government, Lancaster University, 1 May 2019

  • A workshop session led by Dr John Carney of Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

Deterrence & Assurance Academic Alliance Launch Workshop, Lancaster University, 1 March 2017

  • A workshop on deterrence and assurance perspectives from stakeholders including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the MoD and DSTL. The event also marked the launch of a new alliance between the DSTL and academia more broadly.

Research Group Meetings

  • Technology, Terrorism and Armed Conflict in the 21st Century #2, University of Liverpool (1 August 2017)
  • Technology, Terrorism and Armed Conflict in the 21st Century #1, Lancaster University (26 May 2017)

Training and Personal Development

Building Resilience and Getting Published in Top Journals Workshop for ECRs, University of Greenwich, 8 December 2022

  • Training workshop funded by the Academy of Marketing.

Security Lancaster: Grant Writing Workshop, Lancaster University, 24 & 25 November 2022

  • Two-day training event to build research networks and generate ideas.