UCLan Website

In July 2020, I took on some consultancy work for the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to support the launch of a new university website and brand ready for the start of the new academic year.

This work was conducted remotely for the most part, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and I was able to share my expertise with stakeholders and members of the digital team to help produce a data-driven website that includes many features designed to surface relevant content across the site, and future-proof against common errors.

Key points:

  • Business partnering with stakeholders across the University.
  • Organised and managed Information Architecture for entire website.
  • Audit and consolidation of old content.
  • Managed the work of agency staff, including training induction.
  • Developed Contensis user guides for staff.

Old website

  • Old UCLan website homepage, July 2020
  • Old UCLan website, July 2020: Schools and Faculties homepage
  • Old UCLan website, July 2020
  • Old UCLan website, July 2020
  • Old UCLan website, July 2020
  • Old UCLan website, July 2020

New website

  • UCLan new website: homepage
  • UCLan new website: Study menu
  • UCLan new website: News section
  • UCLan new website: UI cards
  • UCLan new website: Text cards
  • UCLan new website: In-page promotion banners
  • UCLan new website: Events feed
  • UCLan new website: Highlight banners