Books for Young Adults

The Powers That Be trilogy

My first major writing endeavour, The Powers That Be trilogy took over five years to complete, and was at the time, the greatest writing challenge I had ever faced. In 2010 I decided to self-publish the trilogy in a single volume. Find out more…

The Darkest Hour

Set some 20 years after the events of The Powers That Be trilogy, The Darkest Hour continues the story of Callum and his friends as they battle to defeat a foe, the likes  of which the old world has never seen. Find out more…

Books for Children

A Door to Nowhere

Doors… Doors are interesting things. A Door to Nowhere is a humorous fantasy adventure story written for the 7–10 children’s market. Written in a Dahl-esque style and making use of a ‘larger than life’ pantomime villain in the evil Sheriff Stinkbottom, A Door to Nowhere is full of fun and mischievousness. I hope it brings a smile to the face of anyone who reads it.

The Darkest Hour by M.J. Ryder