The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour by M.J. Ryder book coverPhae is a girl unlike any other. Her father is the most powerful mage in the realm, and her mother is a member of the Lintari – a small, secretive band of warriors bound to the earth as its sworn guardians. With such powerful blood inside her, growing up was never going to be easy.

But when her powers bring about catastrophe and the death of her tutor, Phae finally decides she’s had enough. With her unstable magic threatening to bring about even more danger to those she loves, Phae flees her home on the Magical Isle, to seek sanctuary on the mainland. Only there does she realise her problems have barely just begun…

The sequel to The Powers that be trilogy, The Darkest Hour sees the return of many of my favourite characters as the old world faces extinction at the hands of an ancient evil. The Darkest Hour is set to be published in print and e-book format in Q4, 2018.