Student Feedback

This page contains a selection of recent student feedback for my teaching at Lancaster University.

All quotes taken from anonymised module feedback reports, dissertation acknowledgements, and emails sent directly to me. Evidence available on request.

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MKTG234 Social Media Marketing [co-lead]


‘Mike Ryder was a huge help since he continuously provided teaching that was above and beyond.’

‘Mike Ryder’s lectures were extremely interesting. I appreciated how he incorporated his own interests into the lecture as examples for the module i.e. Forza Horizon.’

‘Mike Ryder, he’s a legend.’

‘Dr Ryder’s seminars were very insightful and helpful.’

‘Both Mike and Anna were excellent at explaining key concepts and taught the content so well. They made it interesting and engaging.’

‘Favourite module.’

‘I do not think this module could be improved because it is one of the best modules, if not the best module I have studied at Lancaster.’


‘Dr Mike Ryder was an amazing lecturer. His lectures were always so fun to listen to and he made us, the audience feel so engaged with the content. Especially his Warhammer lecture on online communities.’

‘Mike’s lectures were great, really informative and he made them very interesting and engaging.’

‘The content was interesting, the lectures and seminars were engaging and the it was insightful to have guest speakers talking about their careers as social media marketers. By the way, Mike Ryder is the best lecturer ever!’

‘The lectures and lecturers were intellectually engaging, particularly Mike.’

‘The lectures were really helpful, and I enjoyed the guest speakers when they came in. I found Mike one of the most interactive, interesting lecturers at the University, and really enjoyed his lectures especially.’

‘It is a very interesting module, both teachers (Anna and Mike) are super friendly, eager to help and very knowledgeable on the module.’


‘The content of lectures is by far the most interesting of any module I have done this year. I especially enjoyed Mike’s lectures.’

‘The lectures were presented well, all relevant readings were described in detail, theories and concepts were easy to understand.’

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MKTG233 Digital Marketing


[Best thing about the module] ‘Our seminar teacher Mike Ryder!’


‘I loved this module […] I think Killian, Mike and Jekaterina are brilliant teachers.’

‘Jekaterina and Mike were amazing!’


‘Our week 8 seminar tutor Mike was really nice too […]’

‘Killian and Mike replied my email so fast. They are also very nice!’

‘Looking forward to being taught Social Media Marketing by Mike.’

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MKTG510 and MKTG410 Masters Dissertations


‘Our profound gratitude goes to our dear supervisor Mike Ryder. The dissertation project has been a great experience, and we thank him for his extensive knowledge and richness of experience in both our daily life and all our academic research. Without his support, this research would not have been possible.’

‘Firstly, I would like to thank my supervisor Dr Mike Ryder for his patience and friendliness in putting up with my extensive doubts, questions and several emails – at some point I was completely clueless with moving ahead in the research. Mike with his relentless guidance, support, expertise and positivity throughout the research helped me navigate the tough going of writing a dissertation such as this. Thank you Mike for all your ideas, positivity and wisdom.’


‘Further, we extend our special gratitude and appreciation to our supervisor, Dr Mike Ryder who has constantly been a pillar of support by guiding, supporting and imparting the necessary knowledge in order to succeed in the dissertation. Without him, the project wouldn’t have been the same and therefore, we owe him our utmost respect.’

‘Thanks very much Mike. Switching supervisors so late was a worry for us, but you removed all worries. Thanks so much for your help.’

‘[We] sincerely appreciate all the support you provided. We are really lucky to have such a patient and considerate supervisor like you.’


‘Firstly, we want to express our sincere appreciation to our supervisor, Dr Michael Ryder, for his selfless help, painstaking support, and kind assistance in guiding us through the project.’

‘Warm gratitude goes to the extraordinary Dr Mike Ryder, our supervisor, who helped us a lot, and always saved us from our dilemmas by providing constructive suggestions.’

‘Just wanted to take a minute out and thank you for all your help and input. I speak for myself and [student] when I say we are extremely grateful for your help, patience and understanding; we would never have been able to complete our dissertation and presentation without your guidance. […] It was such a pleasure working with you! Thank you once again.’

‘We are extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity by this university to work with Mike, an expert in his field.’