Conferences and Workshops

During my time as an academic I have attended and presented at many conferences, workshops and other events. See a list of recent activities below.

Academic Conferences

  • Mike Ryder, 'Digital Marketing for Academics' at the AHRC's NWCDTP Conference October 2017Exploring Identity: Between Being and Belonging, University of Liverpool (25–26 October 2017) [organiser and speaker]
    • ‘Digital Marketing for Academics’
    • ‘Artificial Identity: AI Subjectivity in the Far Future’
  • Iredell Law Conference, Lancaster University (7 July 2017) [speaker]
    • ‘Beyond the Horizon: Law, Exception and Conflict in Outer Space’
  • Current Research in Speculative Fiction, University of Liverpool (9 June 2017) [speaker]
    • ‘“Future Soldiers”: the Soldier, the Citizen and the State’
  • life.theory.death Derrida symposium, Lancaster University (17 May 2017)
  • Postgraduate Research Conference, Lancaster University (6 May 2017)
  • Performing Fantastika, Lancaster University (28–29 April 2017)
  • The Body of War: Drones and Lone Wolves, The Storey, Lancaster (24–25 November 2016)
  • Creative Humanities: Thinking, Making and Meaning, RNCM (19–20 October 2016)


  • Deterrence & Assurance Academic Alliance Launch Workshop, Lancaster University (1 March 2017)

Reading Groups

  • TTAC #2, University of Liverpool (1 Aug 2017)
  • TTAC #1, Lancaster University (26 May 2017)

You can see my online output on the TTAC21 website.

Organising Committee

  • Exploring Identity: Between Being and Belonging, University of Liverpool and FACT (25–26 October 2017)

AHRC NWCDTP Conference 2017

You can download the conference programme here.