Lancaster University Websites

College websites

During my time at Lancaster University I have undertaken several major projects to migrate websites into new web templates built in the University’s Content Management System (CMS), Terminal Four. This started with a single project to work on the new Graduate College which was published in 2017. Once word of my good work spread, I was soon contacted by other College Managers and Principals to see if I might work on other projects. As of December 2018 I have built new websites for six of the nine colleges at Lancaster, including: Bowland College, Pendle College, Lonsdale CollegeGrizedale College and Cartmel College.

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Chaplaincy Centre website

In October 2018 I completed work to migrate the Chaplaincy Centre’s website into the new web templates, working closely with various stakeholders from across the Centre.
Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre website, October 2018