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The Slither Sisters Review

The Slither Sisters by Charles Gilman is the second book in the “Tales from Lovecraft Middle School” series. It follows the story of twelve-year-old Robert Arthur and best friends: the school bully, the school ghost, and a very hungry two-headed rat. Not your normal collection of friends that’s for sure, and readers will be delighted to learn that The Slither Sisters is crammed full of hideous monsters and creepy goings-on as the enigmatic ‘Master’ continues his plan to slowly but surely take over the world.

From the very outset of The Slither Sisters we are thrown straight into the action. Our hero Robert is faced with an enormous tentacled monstrosity (accompanied with a fitting illustration), and the book doesn’t let up as we encounter all manner of monsters from tiny Cthulhus to giant pythons and even a screaming harpy! On the back of the book, Ransom Riggs describes the series as ‘great creepy fun’, and this sums the series up perfectly. Younger readers will love the monsters, and the intrigue, and even as an adult reader, I never found myself bored, or hoping that the book would pick up in pace. From the first page to the last, The Slither Sisters is a great adventure story, complete with creepy monsters and excitement that younger readers will just love. Continue reading »