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Editing for editing’s sake

To this day it never ceases to surprise me how some people will insist on editing their work, even when the work needs no editing at all. This happens an awful lot in PR – sometimes I think it’s a case of the client feeling the need to justify the time they’ve given to looking over a piece of writing you’ve produced for them. Often it will be the case that a client will send back their “urgent amends” only to find the amends amount to adding a space where no space is needed, or adjusting all contractions so every “can’t” becomes a “cannot” and every “it’s” becomes an “it is”. Continue reading »

Writing Tips: Dealing with number disagreement

Number disagreement is perhaps the most common mistake I encounter in my work as a writer. A part of the problem, I think, stems from the fact people don’t proof-read their own work properly. What’s perhaps more worrying still is that many writers don’t even realise they’re making a mistake in the first place!

I’ve outlined some common examples below… Continue reading »