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Broetry Review

Broetry: a book of poetry, but for ‘bros’.

Penned by ‘voice of the Everyman’ Brian McGackin, Broetry is an attempt to reinterpret what McGackin considers to be an effete, rapidly-shrinking form of literature with ‘little popularity’. It is an attempt to make poetry accessible to men, who according to McGackin, find poetry of little relevance in the modern-day world.

Spurious assumptions aside (I will come to these later) the premise behind Broetry would seem to be quite a good one. Broetry takes us on a free verse journey through the life of a ‘typical’ young man as we follow ‘The Bro’ through high school, to university and later to unemployment and the protagonist’s ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’.

As an observer of human life, McGackin takes us to places most poetry simply doesn’t take us, with poems ranging from ‘Ode to That Girl I Dated for, Like, a Month Sophomore Year’ to ‘Final Final Fantasy’, ‘The Clown Outside the Department Store’ and ‘Morning Sex’. The titles alone give a good impression of what Broetry is all about and it’s fair to say you will either ‘get it’, or you simply won’t.

So we come to the question then, is the book any good? Continue reading »