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The dangers of academic blogging and social media

Blogs are everywhere these days. In the world of academia you almost can’t move for the sheer number of blogs popping up all over the place. From academic departments to research centres, reading groups and individuals, there more blogs out there than any sane person could hope to follow.

So why should you bother writing one? Do you need to write one? Can you get by without one?

To blog or not to blog…

There seems to be a trend in academia at the moment where many people feel compelled to start a blog because it’s the ‘done thing’ without really stopping to think about why they are blogging, or even if they should be blogging at all. Just because other people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you, or even your department. In some cases, it’s far better not to blog than risk the potential damage a poorly run blog could cause to you and your reputation.
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Welcome to the all-new MJRyder.net!

Hello, and welcome to my brand-new website! With the new year comes a new start, and as you can see, I’ve made quite a few changes! One of the biggest changes you will notice is the redesign. This has been done partly because my old template was looking very old, but also because I’ve switched over to WordPress CMS, which has given me a bit more flexibility to design the website just how I want it.

In the spirit of the ‘new start’ the other major change to MJRyder.net, is that I’ve wiped the slate clean content-wise, and have started afresh from the ground up. With the exception of a few reviews I thought I’d save to provide some content for the Book Reviews section, everything else has been re-written and focussed more towards providing a portfolio describing some of the projects I’ve been involved with, and showcasing my work.

But this isn’t to say that I’m going to stop blogging – far from it! One of my big resolutions for this year, as well as re-writing this site, is to continue blogging, and indeed blog on all the sorts of things that interest me. This will include (I hope) MotoGP, video games, books, current affairs, philosophy, writing and much, much more!

If you have any thoughts on my new website, or any questions at all, feel free to send me an email, or alternatively, leave a comment below.

Until next time,