TLBB Connect: The Spies of Da Li

As no longer exists, here follows example  text from one of our highly successful ‘TLBB Connect’ events, developed by myself in conjunction with the Community Manager, Sanzaburo. 

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The Spies of Da Li

In last week’s exciting conclusion to the ‘Keh Clan Saga’, Assassins infiltrated Da Li in an attempt to take the Emperor’s life. Only the bravery of some of TLBB’s finest warriors managed to save the city from falling to the treacherous Keh. Now the battle is over, the Emperor has launched an investigation into how the Keh managed to infiltrate one of the most secure cities in the entire realm.

The Emperor has set Sanzaburo the task of finding the spies responsible for putting Da Li at risk.


Are you prepared to help Sanzaburo search for the spies of Da Li? Meet in the ‘Red Carpet’ area of Da Li [160, 90] at 5:00pm on Friday 18th February to take part in the first instalment of TLBB’s new series of story-based events.

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The city streets were awash with blood. From the Smart Temple all the way across the northern quarter of Da Li, the bodies of Keh traitors lay side-by-side with loyal warriors of the Emperor, slain in the bloodiest battle the Imperial city had seen in over a generation.

Arpita covered his mouth with his hand as a line of death carts creaked past him on their sombre journey between the Palace steps and the Eastern Gate, adding fuel to the great funeral pyres already stacked high with the bodies of the fallen.

Beside him, Dondon coughed as the sulphurous smoke of the pyres stung the back of his throat. He dabbed his eyes with a cloth as he followed Arpita swiftly across the street. They stopped at as they reached the city wall and followed it for a hundred metres or so until finally they came to a halt by a small grate set into the wall to allow rainwater to flow off the streets and out of the city. Arpita crouched down and examined the grate closely.

“Well while this isn’t the grate the assassins used to get in to the city, it’s certainly the grate the spies used to get out, look,” he said, pointing to the small pool of mud-water that had built up round the grate. It didn’t take a master huntsman to spot the careless tracks left by the hastily departing spies.

Dondon grabbed the grate in both hands and gave it a tug. It came away easily in his hands. He peered into the dark narrow passageway. Though it was a tight fit, neither warrior was in any doubt that this was the way the spies had fled the city. Even if it took them a lifetime, they would track down the traitors and bring them back to the Emperor for questioning.

There would be no escaping the swift justice of the Emperor’s Guards.