PhD update – February 2019

It’s been a strange few months. I don’t feel like I’ve actually ‘done’ all that much, but I do seem to be making some sort of progress. Yesterday I printed out a complete first draft of my thesis, and I’ve just submitted amendments for a publication that I hope will be forthcoming later this year. I’ve also launched a podcast, and had a feature article printed in SCAN.

Thesis first draft

So here it is, the first draft of my thesis. I’ve had the constituent parts ready for some time now, but this is the first time I’ve put it all together into one cohesive document. Of course, I still have much to do; not least add in my final bibliography, update my abstract, and cut something like 2,500 words from the total wordcount. The good news is I still have plenty of time before my October submission date so will work on these things over the coming months.

Thesis first draft by Mike Ryder (M.J. Ryder)

Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy

Also this week, I’ve submitted my final draft of a short chapter for the forthcoming book Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy. I’m really excited about this project, and keen to get involved in other similar projects, as this is very much ‘up my street’ in terms of applying philosophy to science fiction and making philosophy more accessible to the general public.

Blade Runner 2049 artwork

New podcast

Regular readers will know I’ve recently launched an academic podcast alongside fellow researcher Josh Hughes. I already work with Josh on the TTAC21 project, and In The Zone is really about taking those interesting discussions and broadening them out beyond the remit of terrorism and armed conflict, giving a new way for people to engage with the sorts of things we’re interested in. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

Screenshot from the new In The Zone podcast website

The Darkest Hour

Work still continues at pace to market The Darkest Hour. I’ve had quite a few successes in terms of getting exposure for the book, but I still find myself struggling to generate sales. I recently had a feature article published in the SCAN student newspaper, and have even had posters put up in the local arthouse cinema. However, sales are still quite low, and I admit, it can be hard to maintain momentum. I’m currently waiting on a few leads with online review sites, and waiting to see if the free review copies I gave out will stir up interest in the student population.

Interview with M.J. Ryder published in SCAN (Lancaster University student newspaper), February 2019.

Lancaster staff award nomination

Last, but by no means least, I learnt last week that I’ve been nominated for a Lancaster University Staff Award. I received my nomination from the college managers at Lancaster on account of all the work I’ve done on college websites, and helping with various digital tasks. I’m absolutely thrilled to have been nominated, and looking forward to hearing about the next steps towards the end of April.

Lancaster University staff awards 2019

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