A new chapter

So it’s been a busy few months. I started a new job at the end of February, and I’ve been spending much of my spare time working on my funding application for uni.

The good news is that my efforts have finally paid off, and I will be starting a “new life” as a student again from 1 October, when I will be moving up to Lancaster to start a PhD in English.

I cannot stress just how much I’m looking forward to this. It’s been a long time coming, and has taken an awful lot of work to get me to the point where I can finally return to university and study the subject that I love.

New start, new blog

With my new start from October, I will return to the blogosphere, charting my PhD progress, and writing about subjects related to my areas of study. I’m particularly interested in the ways in which life is shaped as a discursive construct across the media, and the ways we deal with matters of life and death. I’ve already got a number of pieces planned – so look out for more blogs from October!

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  1. Bitsey

    I just read your blog on 25 reasons to hate MAC. I purchased a MACbook 3 months ago when my Dell laptop died after 9 yrs. Believed the hype & didn’t want the hassle of Windows 10, the constant updates, the viruses, and Microsoft in general. But I hate this machine for all the reasons you stated and more. Why does Apple think they had to create their own language. I can’t understand half of what their words/icons mean. Nothing is ez to do. Takes me 4ever to find or figure out how or what. Entering keywords to help me out just doesn’t work. Spent a fortune for this thing and will have to live with it but APPLE has screwed themselves as far as I’m concerned cause I will never buy another APPLE product again. I too am sick of the legion of APPLE users including C/S who think this is the best system out there. I also hate that it constantly changes my spelling when I abbreviate. The touch pad is driving me crazy – one finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers – slide left, slide right, slide diagonally – give me a break. I want my back up key. I want my F11 that gives me a full screen shot sans toolbars. I don’t give a hoot about iTunes, or having to memorize their shortcuts. I don’t want to have to learn the APPLE language or read a massive manual to figure out what should be very simple. So now, I’m going to keep an eye out for a nice PC with an internal cd/dvd drive and with all the ports I need so I don’t have to buy extras. I better do it soon b4 I forget how to use windows. UGH!

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