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The things that shape us

So there I was yesterday, furiously wracking my brains for something to blog about, when I started rooting around in the old documents folder on my PC. I had completely forgotten about the many varied things I had saved in there. From old maths homeworks to CAD drawings, MS Paint doodles, screenshots and poetry, I spent several hours sorting through a veritable treasure trove of assorted memories and random files accumulated over the best part of 15 years.  Continue reading »

Academic e-books and the changing face of university libraries

For many years now there’s been a trend in university libraries to focus on the provision of e-books and online resources over physical publications. This is especially true in recent times as university libraries seem to be moving towards a space to study rather than a place to find knowledge. Continue reading »

The perils of academic conference accounts

It’s quite the trend in academia these days to set up a series of ‘conference accounts’ on social media to promote said conference and bring together all related materials. However, these accounts are rarely (if ever) worthwhile and can actually detract from what should be your primary marketing goal; namely to promote the work of the wider organisation to which your conference is attached. Continue reading »